$109 per person (excludes general admission)

$98.10 Zoo Members


10.55am Monday and Thursday.  

9.05am Saturday. 


40 minutes

Group size

Six people


Minimum age 8 years. Participants aged under 16 years must have accompanying adult supervision.

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Bring your pride to meet our pride at Werribee Open Range Zoo’s new Lion Encounter.

Lions are one of the only social cats and live in family groups called prides. Now you have the rare opportunity to book your up-close experience with these wonderful creatures.

Please join us for this amazing intimate experience, where you will journey behind the scenes to meet some of the members of our incredible Lion pride as well as the passionate keepers who care for them.

Experience how our keepers care for these stunning animals and manage the changing dynamics of our growing pride.

Each behind-the-scenes encounter will be different, allowing our Keepers to let the individual animal personalities shine and give them the choice in how they participate. This means that although each experience may be unique, it will certainly be one you won’t forget. 

Lions in the wild are in trouble, with more and more conflict occurring due to shared habitats Hear about some of the things we’re doing to work with communities in Africa like our Beads for Wildlife program and what you can do to help save animals like Lions in the Wild. 

Your Lion Encounter helps Zoos Victoria fight extinction.