Gorillas, Ethics and Environmental Change (Year 9 – 10)


Friday 27 August, 2:30pm - 3:00pm AEST (Term 3)






Please call 1300 966 784

Join us for an insight into the environmental, economic and technological factors that affect gorilla habitat and the ethical issues facing communities who live alongside gorillas in the wild.

Program description

Learn about a range of factors and ethical issues facing communities who live in the Congo alongside gorillas.   

We will explore the threats gorillas face in the wild and how students can help by supporting the work of our partner, Gorilla Doctors. 

Students will learn: 

  • Environmental, economic and technological factors that affect gorilla habitat and what actions we can take to reduce threats 
  • Issues affecting people who live and work alongside gorillas in the Congo 
  • A range of ethical issues facing communities living in gorilla habitat 
  • How we, here in Australia, can support communities and gorillas in Africa 

Learning outcomes

Victorian Curriculum 9-10


Environmental, economic and technological factors that influence environmental change and human responses to its management (VCGGK145) 

  • Students will learn about how many of our technological devices contain Coltan which is often illegally mined from gorilla habitat, and how recycling mobile phones can help reduce the threats gorillas face 

Issues affecting the development of places and their impact on human wellbeing, drawing on a study from a developing country or region in Africa, South America or the Pacific Islands (VCGGK153) 

  • Students will learn how illegal mining impacts local communities and the challenges associated with living in the Congo 
Ethical Capability

Explore a range of ethical problems and examine the extent to which different positions are related to commonly held ethical concepts and principles, considering the influence of cultural norms, religion, world views and philosophical thought (VCECU020) 

  • Students will learn about the human wildlife conflict occurring in the Congo and the challenges they face by exploring a range of ethical considerations 

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Important notes: 

  • Session will open 10 minutes before the scheduled start time 
  • Participant mic and video will be turned off 
  • Each webinar may have participants from multiple schools 
  • Students can communicate with Zoo Teachers by typing in the Q&A 
  • If you need to know which of your students are attending, please do a roll call before or after the webinar