Saving Rhinos: World Environment Day (Year 5 – 6)


Friday 4 June, 2:30pm - 3:00pm AEST (Term 2)






Please call 1300 966 784


Learn how Zoos Victoria are working with Rhino Fund Uganda to help support wild rhinos and local communities in Uganda on World Environment Day 2021

Program description

Join us on World Environment Day 2021 to learn how Zoos Victoria are working with Rhino Fund Uganda to save rhinos in the wild, by supporting local communities. 

Students will gain an insight into the adaptations rhinos have evolved to survive and how they rely on their environment to thrive.  We will explore how human wildlife conflict can be addressed through problem solving and cooperation and how wildlife and people can flourish in the same place. 

Students will learn: 

  • The structural features and adaptations that help rhinos to survive in their environment 
  • The threats rhinos face in the wild 
  • How rhinos rely on their environment for survival 
  • How Zoos Victoria is working with Rhino Fund Uganda to save rhinos and support local communities in Uganda 
  • How local communities are working with Rhino Fund Uganda to help reduce human wildlife conflict 

Learning outcomes

Victorian Curriculum 5-6


Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to inform personal and community decisions and to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives (VCSSU073) 

  • Students will learn how Rhino Fund Uganda has involved the local community to protect rhinos and support human livelihoods  

Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (VCSSU074)  

  • Students will gain an insight into the structural features and adaptations that rhinos have evolved to survive in their environment 

The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (VCSSU075) 

  • Students will learn how rhinos rely on their environment for survival 

Plan your webinar

Important notes: 

  • Session will open 10 minutes before the scheduled start time 
  • Participant mic and video will be turned off 
  • Each webinar may have participants from multiple schools 
  • Students can communicate with Zoo Teachers by typing in the Q&A 
  • If you need to know which of your students are attending, please do a roll call before or after the webinar