Meerkat Bistro meal combo




1 person

Order cut-off

Three business days prior to pick-up

Collection point

Meerkat Bistro 

Pre-order the Meerkat Bistro meal combo for your Sunset Safari experience!

Choose any Mainland African meal and a glass of house sparkling wine, for only $24.50.

Spend more time enjoying Sunset Safari by pre-ordering our Meerkat Bistro meal combo! Simply order your meal combo online at least three days prior to your visit and collect it at the Meerkat Bistro.

Suitable for one person.

Mainland African meal

All our Mainland African meals are served with Ethiopian Injera bread or cumin rice.

Obe Ata stew with chicken, root vegetables and kale (LG)

RSCPA chicken thigh fillet braised in Nigerian spices, ripe tomatoes and yams, garnished with red chilli and young kale.

Moroccan eggplant and chickpea tagine (VG, LG)

Harissa spiced eggplant and chickpeas simmered in fragrant tomato sauce, garnished with dried apricot, coriander sprigs, sumac dust.

For any questions or if you have special dietary requirements, please contact