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Wild Dog Dental Check Up

Dental check up for African Wild Dogs

Two of Werribee Open Range Zoo’s African Wild Dogs received a dental check-up in the Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital this week.

At nine years of age sisters Dee and Swirl are now entering her senior years.

16 October 2014
Lionesses explore new home

Lionesses explore their new home

Werribee Open Range Zoo’s new lionesses Nilo and Niribi are exploring their new home at Werribee Open Range Zoo. 

Following their arrival from Givskud Zoo in Denmark earlier this year, the lionesses are now venturing out of their dens to explore their new surroundings.

1 October 2014
Village Kids Lookout

First look at Village Kids

The paint has dried, the basket swing has been installed and we can't wait to show off our new outdoor play space, Village Kids.

18 September 2014
Yakini and Matilda

A Special Moment

A very special thing happened last Saturday at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

18 month old Matilda was visiting the gorillas with her mum when Yakini, the dominant male of the bachelor group, saw her standing there. What happened next had even Yakini's keepers amazed!

18 September 2014
Kinda Kinder Graduation

Graduation Day for our Kinda Kinder Students

On Tuesday 16 September our very first Kinda Kinder group completed their final session at Werribee Open Range Zoo, with the class exploring some of their favourite parts of the Pula Walking Trail.

17 September 2014
Kipenzi Joins Herd

Rhino Kipenzi Joins Herd

Southern White Rhinoceros calf, Kipenzi has reached a major milestone in joining the rhino herd at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Hand-raised from birth, fifteen month old Kipenzi has been introduced to the Zoo’s female rhinos, including mum Sisi and grandmother Make.

15 September 2014
Love Your Locals Day 2014

Wyndham Students Love Their Locals

On Wednesday 10 September, 100 primary school students from Wyndham descended on Werribee Open Range Zoo for Love Your Locals Day – an initiative that brings local students together to share ideas about wildlife conservation.

11 September 2014
Cheetah Kulinda explores her new home

Curious Kulinda explores her new home

Young Cheetah Kulinda has made her public debut at Werribee Open Range after being cleared from quarantine.

Over the last week, Kulinda has been exploring her new surroundings, taking in all of the new sights and smells.

19 August 2014

Meet Nilo and Niribi

In this month’s special animal profile edition, we chat to Keeper Katherine Quinn about Nilo and Niribi, Werribee Open Range Zoo’s two African Lionesses who arrived from Givskud Zoo, Denmark earlier this year.

13 August 2014
Woodlands Release

Boost for Bandicoot Release Site

On Wednesday 6 August, four Eastern Barred Bandicoots were released at Woodlands Historic Park, near Melbourne Airport as part of the recovery project to save the species from extinction.

7 August 2014