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Baby camel

Camel calf makes a dramatic entry

Camel calf born on display

A camel was born on display at Werribee Open Range Zoo on Saturday 25 August, delighting visitors on the Safari Bus Tours.

28 August 2012
Enriching animals' lives

New space dedicated to enriching animals' lives

Enriching animals' lives

Culinary delights such as ‘wriggling mealworms in bamboo tubes' and ‘popcorn-stuffed pinecones' are just some of the special animal snacks being made in the zoo's purpose-built enrichment area.

15 August 2012
Pedicure time for Jelani

Pedicure time for Giraffe Jelani

Pedicure time

A pedicure, or hoof trim as it's known in the business, is no easy feat on a large male giraffe.

25 July 2012
Monkeys love their swinging new pad

Monkeys love new home renovation

The Vervet Monkeys are swinging from the treetops over their extensive new home renovations.

The zoo's 18 monkeys now have more floor space, more swinging space and much more foliage to play in, following a recent exhibit upgrade.

16 July 2012
Slumber safari winners

400,000th visitor wins Slumber Safari

Werribee Open Range Zoo has reached a major milestone, surpassing 400,000 visitors for the first time in the zoo's 29 year history.

To celebrate the achievement, the zoo gave away a Slumber Safari family package during Wild Nights to the 400,00th visitor—the Stanix family from Kyneton.

19 June 2012
Going ape over team building!

Gorilla corporate program swings into action

Werribee Open Range Zoo is going ape over its new gorilla corporate program which will be launched tomorrow (Thursday 31 May).

"Race Around the Zoo—Gorilla Mission" is an exciting new corporate training workshop providing organisations with unique team building experiences.

30 May 2012

New 'mane' attraction at Werribee

A young lion has arrived at Werribee Open Range Zoo following a flight from Sydney this afternoon.

Johari, an 8-year-old male from Sydney's Taronga Zoo, made the journey inside a special animal transport crate in the cargo hold of a Qantas aircraft.

18 April 2012
Rhino in jungle

Fisher-Price Little People take over Toddler Tuesdays!

To celebrate the launch of the Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers range, Fisher-Price will proudly support Werribee Zoo’s Toddler Tuesdays between February and April 2012.

1 February 2012
Giraffe Jelani meets rhino

Giraffe Jelani meets his new playmates

A recently arrived young giraffe from Auckland Zoo is stretching his legs in Werribee Open Range Zoo's large African Savannah, after being released from routine quarantine this morning.

29 December 2011
Gorillas are now in Werribee video

One of the largest gorilla exhibits in the world swings into action

Werribee Open Range Zoo's spectacular new gorilla exhibit, Gorillas Calling, was officially opened to the public today. The $3.6 million exhibit is the new home for three Western Lowland Gorillas silverback Motaba and his two sons, Yakini and Ganyeka.

7 November 2011