Werribee Open Range Zoo

Meet the Keeper

This is a unique opportunity to hear about our animals from the people who know them best – their keepers.

Each day, we offer opportunities to hear our expert keepers talk about the animals in their care and the conservation work being done for various species. 

Check the times we’ll be talking about your favourite animals and schedule it into your visit!


Meerkats 10:45am
Serval Presentation* 11:00am
Lions 11:30am
Gorillas 1:30pm
Hippos (at presentation shelter) 3:45pm


Weekends and School Holidays

Meerkats 10:45am
Serval Presentation* 11:00am
Lions 11:30am
Eastern Barred Bandicoot 1:30pm
Gorillas 2:00pm
Hippos (at presentation shelter)  3:45pm


Listen for PA announcements throughout the day for additional keeper talks.

Please note: times may vary occasionally. Animals may also be off display for short periods, due to animal husbandry or exhibit maintenance reasons.

*During July and August, a Cheetah presentation will replace the Serval presentation at 11am on the following dates:



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