Treat yourself or your family and friends to a Wild Encounter at Werribee Open Range Zoo!

Stay overnight with a Slumber Safari, be immersed in the sights and sounds of the savannah with an Open Vehicle Adventure, or go behind-the-scenes and get up close to our animals, with a Wild Encounter at Werribee Open Range Zoo.


Gorilla Behind the Scenes

Meet the gorilla bachelor boys at Werribee Open Range Zoo. These endlessly fascinating creatures are one of our closest living relatives with a genetic difference of only 1.6%. In this experience, you'll get up so close to the gorilla boys that the similarities are impossible to miss!

Off Road Safari

Get even closer to our magnificent African wildlife on an off road safari. You will be completely immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of the savannah as you travel across the Zoo's open plains.

Lion Encounter

Go behind the scenes at Werribee Open Range Zoo’s world-class Lions on the Edge exhibit and watch as keepers feed the lions in the Lion Encounter. During this unique experience, keepers will provide an insight into the daily care of the lions in the Zoo and the threats to the survival of this species in the wild. 

African Cat Encounter

Get close to the incredible Servals at Werribee Open Range Zoo and witness their incredible athleticism and agility.

Mini Zoo Keepers

Little animal lovers aged five and under will have a wild time on this zoo adventure as they come face-to-face with meerkats, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and rhinos.

Slumber Safari

Enjoy an overnight experience at the Zoo in our luxury safari camp. Your stay includes amazing close-up animal encounters, drinks and dips at sunset, a sumptuous dinner, unique night-time activities and breakfast alongside the meerkats.  

Tall Order Giraffe Encounter

Get up close and personal with a giraffe at Werribee Open Range Zoo and learn more about this fascinating animal.

Shadowfax and the Savannah

Werribee Open Range Zoo and Shadowfax Wines have joined forces to create the perfect day of wine and wildlife at Werribee Park.