They're Calling On You campaign sign with a gorilla profile image on the left. Gorilla is black and eyes appear orange. They're Calling On You campaign sign with a gorilla profile image on the left. Gorilla is black and eyes appear orange.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas are on the brink of extinction. You can help protect gorillas in Africa simply by donating your mobile phone.

So far, we've recycled and re-purposed more than 171,000 devices donated by individuals, schools and workplaces. But what's the connection between mobile phones and gorillas?

One of the biggest threats to Eastern Lowland Gorillas is the illegal mining of minerals such as coltan, a metallic ore used in mobile phones. 

What do mobiles have to do with gorillas?

Coltan, short for columbite tantalite, is in huge demand in today's technology industries.

It is used within many electronic devices such as mobile phones.

As demand for mobile phones increases, so too does the impact of mining on gorilla habitat.

How you can help

You can help protect gorillas in the wild simply by donating your old mobile phone or tablet:

1. Register your organisation below and use our resources to set up your phone collection drive.

2. After collecting 10 or more devices, arrange a FREE courier pick-up from anywhere in Australia.

Money raised from donated phones will support Gorilla Doctors, an organisation working to protect Eastern Lowland (Grauer's) and Mountain Gorillas in the wild through veterinary and preventative care.

Donate your old mobile phone to help save gorillas in the wild.

Register for a free starter pack to encourage people to donate their phones

Or, have 10 or more phones ready to go? Arrange a free courier pick up.



Want to drop off your phone?

Phones and tablets can be dropped off at Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo or at any of these public drop-off locations >>

Join us and become a public drop-off point today.


Kanzi the gorilla eating a large branch of leaves on her 4th birthday.

Frequently asked questions

What condition does the phone need to be in?

We accept all mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and associated accessories in any condition.

Is my phone data safe?

We take data security seriously. Full data clearing services can be arranged for free when booking your courier.

How does donating phones help wildlife conservation?

The program contributes to wildlife conservation by:

1. Lessening the demand for coltan mining in gorilla habitat.

2. Helping Zoos Victoria raise money to support primate conservation.

3. Diverting phones from landfill. Phones are refurbished and resold.

What happens to money raised through the program?

PhoneCycle donates a portion of the proceeds generated through the resale of refurbished mobile phones to Zoos Victoria. 50% of this donation supports Zoos Victoria’s conservation work, the remaining 50% is donated to the Gorilla Doctors to support their in-situ conservation work in Africa.

What happens to the phones I send in?

PhoneCycle reduces the environmental impact of mobile phones by diverting them from landfill and, wherever possible, extending their working life.

The priority is to reuse mobile phones as it reduces the need for raw materials and energy to manufacture new products. If mobile phones or their parts cannot be reused then over 95% of their parts can be recycled. Phones are recycled in Australia or on-sold for reuse both in Australia and overseas.

For more information about the They're Calling on You campaign, contact the Conservation Campaigns team.