Seal The Loop campaign sign with image of a Seal on a rock looking towards the camera. Seal The Loop campaign sign with image of a Seal on a rock looking towards the camera.

Seal the Loop bins are saving our precious marine wildlife.

Wildlife in marine and aquatic environments are impacted by dangers such as entanglement caused by discarded fishing line and other materials. 

Fishing line entanglements result in the deaths of an estimated 1,400 seals every year in Australia. A range of other wildlife species are also impacted by incorrectly disposed fishing materials.

The Seal the Loop program has helped install more than 300 brightly coloured bins all around Victoria’s coastlines and waterways. By providing anglers at popular fishing spots with an easy to access bin to responsibly dispose of their fishing line, we can help prevent this potentially harmful material from entering the marine environment before it threatens wildlife.

Made from recycled plastics, the bins also contain messaging to help promote the importance of responsible disposal of fishing materials. A 2013 study of coastal users found that 56% of those who came across a Seal the Loop bin changed their waste disposal behaviours as a result. The bins also feature advice for what to do if someone sees injured wildlife, through Melbourne Zoo’s Marine Response Unit

Install, use or maintain a Seal the Loop fishing line bin.

Currently more than 300 Seal the Loop bins are found along Victoria's coast and waterways.


You can ask your local council or community group to install a Seal the Loop fishing line bin and help save your local marine life from entanglements.

Seal the Loop bins are monitored and emptied through the amazing work of local bin custodians.

These custodians also provide us with important information to help measure the amount of fishing material collected each year. Since the program started in 2010, the bins have collected an estimated 70 km of fishing line!

Already a Seal the Loop custodian?

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Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to let you know how you can collect your bin and get started as a custodian of Seal the Loop.