They're Calling On You campaign sign with a gorilla profile image on the left. Gorilla is black and eyes appear orange. They're Calling On You campaign sign with a gorilla profile image on the left. Gorilla is black and eyes appear orange.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas are Critically Endangered. You can help protect wild gorillas in Africa simply by donating your old mobile phones.

With your help, we have recycled and re-purposed more than 180,000 devices donated by individuals, schools and businesses, raising more than $290,000 for conservation. 

  • We accept the following items in any condition: mobile phones, tablets, chargers and headphones. 
  • We offer free courier pick up for collections of 10 or more phones Australia-wide. 
  • Every phone helps support the work of the Gorilla Doctors, who provide life-saving medical care to fragile, wild gorilla populations.

How you can help

Western Lowland Gorilla sitting on tree branch.

Image of Western Lowland Gorilla

What's the connection between mobile phones and gorillas?

One of the biggest threats to Eastern Lowland Gorillas is the mining of minerals such as coltan, a metallic ore used in mobile phones and other electronic devicesAs demand for mobile phones increases, so too does the mining of vital gorilla habitat. Not only does this destroy forests, but the smartphone manufacturing process involving land clearing and mining and transport of precious minerals, means that smartphones generate a larger carbon footprint than any other consumer electronic device

By recycling mobile phones, we can reclaim over 95% of their materials, preserve gorilla habitat, and keep phones out of landfill.  We encourage you to use your phone for as long as possible, and when you upgrade, please recycle your old phone through our They’re Calling On You program.  

Make a big difference

Donating your used mobile phones helps raise important funds for the Gorilla Doctors, who are the only organisation able to provide life-saving medical care to fragile wild gorilla populations in Africa. These populations are threatened by human activities, such as those associated with mining for minerals that go into making our phones.

Every phone makes a big impact. An estimate of how phone collections can help wild gorillas is below: 

  • 10 phones = petrol needed for Gorilla Doctors to reach the forest to monitor the health of gorillas
  • 50 phones = anaesthetic to help provide veterinary care to an injured or ill gorilla
  • 100 phones = a full set of rain gear allowing Gorilla Doctors to work in bad weather
  • 500 phones = a computer for Gorilla Doctors to study health trends and predict diseases outbreaks

Get your workplace, community group or school involved today!

We take your data security on devices seriously. Full data clearing services can be arranged for free when booking your courier.

If you have any questions about how you can get involved, or for more information, contact the conservation campaigns team.