Alert Mountain Pygmy Possum sitting in a persons hand.

Totes for Wildlife

Buy a tote bag and directly support the conservation of local threatened species. With your help, we’ve got conservation in the bag!

Totes for Wildlife will highlight a local threatened species each year and, through the sale of special edition tote bags, raise funds for the vital conservation projects we and our partners undertake to protect them. 

This year, the Mountain Pygmy-possum is in need of critical help.

The Mountain Pygmy-possum

The Critically Endangered Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus) is Australia’s only hibernating marsupial, spending up to seven months in hibernation under the snow in the alpine and sub-alpine boulder fields of Victoria and New South Wales. Less than 2,000 of these amazing animals are left in the wild.

This tiny possum is facing big challenges, with climate change, loss of habitat, and introduced predators all threatening populations. More recently, reduction in Bogong Moth numbers  the possums’ primary food source when waking after hibernation is a major concern for Victorian possums. With scarce food, the survival rate of pouch young has decreased putting the future of this species at risk.

The boulder fields Mountain Pygmy-possums call home
The boulder fields Mountain Pygmy-possums call home
Mountain Pygmy-possum on a rock
A wild Mountain Pygmy-possum. Image: Tim Bawden

You can help

Zoos Victoria works closely with partners as part of the Mountain Pygmy-possum recovery team. Due to the situation facing these possums, the recovery team have developed short and long-term projects that require support. 

One such project is the planting of native alpine plants, such as the Alpine Rice Flower (Pimelia) and Mountain Plum Pine (Podpcarpus), in Victorian alpine habitat. These shrubs will improve habitat quality and connectivity, as well as providing alternative food sources throughout the year for possums. 

Every purchase of a Totes for Wildlife tote will help Mountain Pygmy-possums with all profits directed to these projects in the wild. 

As well as this, PETStock Assist are generously supporting Totes for Wildlife as our major partner, and all profits of tote sales from PETStock stores will be directly returned to the recovery team’s projects.


Holding a tote bag with green leaves behind it
Holding a tote bag with flowers coming out of it

You buy a tote…

We plant a tree for a wild Pygmy-possum…  

Together we protect a tiny treasure.

Buy a tote at any of our zoos, Victorian Petstock stores, or online (with FREE postage).

Want to do more? Continue to support the Mountain Pygmy-possum by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Zoos Victoria is committed to Fighting Extinction. We work within our zoos and in wild habitats, collaboratively with recovery teams and partner organisations, to ensure the survival of local threatened species.

Mountain Pygmy Possum facing to the right and looking towards the camera.