You can help protect local wildlife. Join over 275,000 people who have committed to switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper today!

Make your home, school or workplace a Wipe for Wildlife zone. It's easy and no one will notice, except for the wildlife that depend on trees to survive!

All trees have ecological value. They provide habitat for wildlife, absorb carbon, protect soil from erosion and keep the air clean. Our environment is healthier with trees in the ground rather than flushed down the toilet.

Recycled toilet paper is made from post-consumer waste like textbooks and office paper. It keeps trees in the ground and is a great quality product. Make the switch today and see if your family notices the difference! 

Stop cutting down trees to wipe your bum! Switch to recycled toilet paper.

Frequently asked questions


What things should I look out for when choosing a recycled toilet paper that is best for the environment?

Things to look out for in a good recycled toilet paper product are: Manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste Uses no harsh chemicals

What sorts of trees are used in the production of non-recycled toilet paper in Australia?

Most of the raw material used to make toilet paper in Australia is from softwood (wood from a conifer tree) or other plantation-grown softwood.

A proportion of toilet paper in Australia uses a blend of softwood and hardwood woodchip fibres (such as eucalyptus).

Softwoods are generally used for toilet paper production because they have longer fibres than hardwoods, which have small short fibres and are better used for high quality printing paper.

Why does your campaign only focus on toilet paper? What about the many forms of other recycled paper available?

Toilet paper cannot be recycled, whereas most other papers can. Therefore, it seems a waste to destroy trees solely for its production. We advocate the use of other recycled papers wherever appropriate.

For more information on the Wipe for Wildlife campaign contact the Conservation Campaigns team.