Smiling Lion Keeper chatting to two young women at the Lion Presentation. Lion enclosure in the background.

Secondary school work experience

Zoos Victoria has developed a secondary school work experience program to inspire the next generation of youth to work with wildlife.

Each year, a limited number of students are selected to gain experience at one of Victoria’s three zoos; Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Although the programs are slightly different at each property, we hope that all students finish the week with a deeper appreciation of wildlife, the environment we share with them and how each role within the organisation works towards conservation.

Some key details for applicants: 

  • The program is a full-day, week-long, and all weather
  • Attendance dates for the successful students will be available over each term
  • Successful students will be required to perform physically demanding manual labour duties under supervision
  • Zoos Victoria accepts applications one year in advance from interested secondary students

Who is eligible?

Victorian secondary students aged over 15 years are eligible for the program. School Careers Coordinators can only endorse one student per school. 

Application timelines

Applications for 2022 have been postponed and will not be opening until further notice. Please keep an eye on this page for further announcements.  

Please do not submit any applications at this time.  

How to apply

To apply, students must:

  1. Choose one property to complete work experience placement: Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo OR Werribee Open Range Zoo

  2. Submit a cover letter detailing how they meet the criteria listed in the property Role Descriptions

    Healesville Sanctuary Role Description - TBA

    Melbourne Zoo Role Description - TBA
    Werribee Open Range Zoo Role Description - TBA

  3. Complete the Work Experience with Animals Form and submit it to their school’s Work Experience Coordinator for consideration

    Work Experience with Animals Form - TBA

  4. Submit their application with the help of the school’s Work Experience Coordinator through the online application process

    Zoos Victoria Work Experience Online Application - TBA