The silhouettes of small children looking into the seal pool exhibit at Melbourne Zoo as two seals swim by.
Two students and a Keeper walking along a tree-lined trail amid enthusiastic conversation.
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A young guest (accompanied by her family, off frame to the right) facing a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, preening their foot on a tree stump, in the Great Australian Aviary.
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The nine members of Youth Advisory Board, happily posing together at Melbourne Zoo.

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The Fighting Extinction Schools Program engages students and teachers in real-world learning for wildlife. Become a Fighting Extinction School by completing a curriculum-linked sequence of learning with your students and sharing with Zoos Victoria online. Create your own Fighting Extinction Schools journey by choosing one, or all the opportunities below including; school excursions, digital programs, education resources, teacher professional development, and more. 

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These programs are funded by the Department of Education, and the Victorian Catholic Education Authority.