Learn more about our sister zoos in Papua New Guinea and Uganda.

Our sister zoo relationships are a wonderful example of how organisations around the world can work together to build the capacity of other zoos in developing countries and help them grow into zoo-based conservation organisations.

By focussing on both improving the welfare outcomes for animals being cared for by our partners overseas, as well as the educational opportunities that they can provide for the communities on their doorsteps, the sister zoos program is an opportunity for like-minded people from around the world to come together and fight for wildlife.

Port Moresby Nature Park, Papua New Guinea

The Port Moresby Nature Park is Papua New Guinea's leading conservation education venue on the outskirts of Papua New Guinea’s capital city. Zoos Victoria’s partnership with the Nature Park commenced in 2013 and is an inspiring and productive sister zoo relationship.

More than 30 staff at both organisations have participated in training, skill share and project development. The staff Green Team (the first of any business in Papua New Guinea) continues to drive annual reductions in onsite water consumption and electricity use. Since our partnership began, student attendance in the Park’s education program has grown by more than 800% and each year they deliver campaigns that engage the Port Moresby community in behaviour change to alleviate key threats to wildlife.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Uganda

The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) started life in 1952 as a rescue centre for sick and injured animals. Its role changed in the 1960s to become a more traditional zoo – Entebbe Zoo. In 1994, the UWEC Trust was founded to take over the zoo primarily for Conservation Education, which remains the driving focus today.

Zoos Victoria’s partnership with UWEC has two primary objectives - to support expansion of UWEC's well-developed conservation education program through community programs that will benefit Uganda’s wildlife more broadly, and to bolster management of the Centre’s animal and veterinary department to strengthen animal welfare and staff development.