Learn more about our sister zoos in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Uganda.

Our sister zoo relationships are a wonderful example of how organisations around the world can work together to build the capacity of other zoos in developing countries and help them grow into zoo-based conservation organisations.

By focussing on both improving the welfare outcomes for animals being cared for by our partners overseas, as well as the educational opportunities that they can provide for the communities on their doorsteps, the sister zoos program is an opportunity for like-minded people from around the world to come together and fight for wildlife.

Manila Zoo, the Philippines

The Philippines is ranked in the top five countries globally for numbers of threatened endemic species, yet most Filipinos have very little knowledge of their native flora and fauna. As a city zoo located at the heart of the sprawling metropolis of the Filipino capital, Manila Zoo has significant potential as a centre for conservation education to help address this.

Like so many other zoos in the Philippines, Manila Zoo has not received sufficient resourcing and guidance to enable it to provide quality animal care and contribute to supporting wildlife conservation. Through our sister zoo relationship, Zoos Victoria is working with Manila Zoo to develop a framework to improve animal welfare and conservation education outcomes at the zoo.

Port Moresby Nature Park, Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea’s capital, Zoos Victoria’s partnership with Port Moresby Nature Park has proven to be a very successful sister zoo relationship.

More than 30 staff at both organisations have participated in training, skill share and project development and the staff Green Team (the first of any business in PNG) is driving a 30% reduction in onsite water consumption and electricity use. Since our partnership began, student attendance in the Park’s education program has grown by more than 850 per cent and Port Moresby Nature Park has been focussing on developing campaigns that engage the Port Moresby community in behaviour change to alleviate key threats to wildlife.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Uganda

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) was established as Entebbe Zoo in 1952 and has a strong history of supporting zoos and education across Uganda and neighbouring countries. Zoos Victoria is working with UWEC to strengthen community engagement through learning programs that will benefit Uganda’s wildlife more broadly, and extend UWEC's well-developed education program to enhance the learning outcomes at the school.