Melbourne Zoo Housewarming for Two Reptilian Giants

30 July 2021

Melbourne Zoo's longest residents have moved into a brand new home with some very small housemates.

The Zoo's two Reticulated Pythons, which are both almost five metres long and still growing, have moved into a
climate-controlled habitat featuring a 15,000 litre water body, branches for basking and a variety of small fish and

Reticulated Pythons are native to south-east Asia and are the world's longest snake, capable of growing to seven
metres long and weighing more than 100 kilograms.

Melbourne Zoo Ectotherms Coordinator Alex Mitchell said, despite their size, the two Reticulated Pythons are more
than happy to share their new home and live harmoniously with their much smaller animal companions.

"What we have created here at Melbourne Zoo is a multi-species habitat to really try and immerse visitors in a south-east Asian ecosystem," Mr Mitchell said.

"So the Reticulated Pythons live in here along with Malayan Blood Pythons – another south-east Asian snake species –
and various fish and butterflies as well."

Mr Mitchell said the pythons' new home has been designed to encourage their natural behaviours, including a love of
fully immersing themselves in water.

"It is a climate-controlled environment, with heating and cooling systems and there is a big water body. Reticulated
Pythons love to live around areas where there are quite big water courses, and they spend a lot of time sitting above
the water in those areas, too.

"This exhibit will give visitors the opportunity to see the Reticulated Pythons climbing, exploring, thermo-regulating
and immersing themselves swimming in the water as well."