An assorted ensemble of school students, performing for the Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase, before a crowd sitting in chairs.

Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase

Celebrate your student's achievement with Zoos Victoria

Dates to remember

We accept submissions all year long and provide expert feedback for all clips in the last week of each term. Please note the final date below if you want to be invited to this year’s Showcase event.

Final submission date eligible for Showcase invitation Showcase Event Date
18 October 2024 15 November 2024

Find out how to submit your project here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Fighting Extinction Showcase cost?

The Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase is free of charge for those schools invited to attend.

What is ‘acting for wildlife’?

Acting for wildlife is a way to support your students to consolidate new skills and knowledge through real-world contexts. Guidance and support on how to do this effectively for your students can be found in our program teaching guides on any of our program pages.

How are schools chosen for the live event?

All Fighting Extinction Schools that submit their projects in the same year will be invited to the Showcase event.

For further support email the Fighting Extinction Schools Coordinator