Fighting Extinction Schools showcase

Share how your school is acting for wildlife

A Fighting Extinction School acts for wildlife and shares their story with a short video uploaded to Flip. All videos submitted will receive individual expert feedback from Zoo staff.

You will also be eligible for an invitation to the 2023 Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase on 17 November at Melbourne Zoo. The Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase is your chance to celebrate your students' projects and the contributions they have made to wildlife. 

Join the Showcase and become a Fighting Extinction School 

How to join


Create a short video, voice recording, or a recorded PowerPoint (use our PowerPoint template or one of your own) to capture your students’ actions for wildlife. This can be a completed project or a work in progress that you would like feedback on.

What you should include


Upload your video, voice recording or recorded PowerPoint to Flip to participate in our next showcase.

Instructions on how to upload to Flip


Engage with your feedback and comments from Zoos Victoria and other Fighting Extinction Schools.

Enter your submission

Dates to remember

We accept submissions all year long and provide expert feedback for all clips in the last week of each term.

Submit your video before 20 October to be eligible for an invitation to the 2023 Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase on 17 November.

For further support email the Fighting Extinction Schools Coordinator

Meet some of our Fighting Extinction Schools

Denzil Don Kindergarten

The children have created their own stories and worked with their educators to write new, animal focused social scripts for their kinder. They also held an exhibition featuring childrens' paintings of local species.

Watch their story

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School

Dallas Brooks have a yearly investigation and student-led fundraiser on a species of their choosing. In 2022, they chose to act for the Swift Parrot. Students organised a school-wide Swift Parrot colouring competition and Swift Parrot colour run to raise funds for this species.

Watch their story

Preston High School

The students of Preston High School have studied Zoos Victoria's Community Conservation Campaigns to create their own campaigns for Mountain Pygmy Possums.

Watch campaign pitch 1

Watch campaign pitch 2

Watch campaign pitch 3

Watch campaign pitch 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Fighting Extinction Showcase cost?

The Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase is free of charge for those schools invited to attend.

What is ‘acting for wildlife’?

Acting for wildlife is a way to support your students to consolidate new skills and knowledge through real-world contexts. Guidance and support on how to do this effectively for your students can be found in our program teaching guides on any of our program pages.

How are schools chosen for the live event?

A panel of Zoos Victoria Teachers will select projects which demonstrate authentic action for wildlife most likely to have a conservation impact and also demonstrates best practice learning.

What does my video need to include?

View Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction Schools Showcaseinstructions on what to include. Alternatively, you can also create an audio recording or a slide show presentation to upload to Flip by sharing your screen. Click here for a PowerPoint template to get you started.  

Can I get more help with Flip?

Flip has a fantastic help section with instructional videos. Visit

Is Flip a secure site?

Flip is an education website by Microsoft and is used by schools across Australia (and the world). Your video will be shared with other schools participating in the Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase as well as a select group of Zoos Victoria Staff.   

Please include only minimal detail about your students e.g. their school, first name (please do not include identifying information such as surnames, addresses etc.)  

Can I share a clip about a project not run by Zoos Victoria?

Yes. If you are taking action for animals you are welcome to share it here.