A smiling man and five students holding plush orang-utans in front of a sign that say I want to save orang-utans. Five are wearing orange Don't Palm Us Off campaign T shirts..

Act & share

If your class or school have been acting for wildlife, we want to hear from you!

Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction Schools is a community where you and your students can learn from others; find an authentic audience; and get feedback for your efforts. 

Zoos Victoria will host digital showcases to share your students’ work for wildlife conservation throughout the year. Outstanding projects will also be invited to attend an end of year celebration at Melbourne Zoo. 

Step 1: Get inspired 

Find out what schools are part of the Fighting Extinction Schools community and explore what they have been doing with their learning and wildlife conservation projects 

Click here to see what projects are currently being uploaded

Click here to see which schools were chosen for the last showcase

Step 2: Share your class/school project 

You can upload and share your story anytime, simply select your year level below. Zoos Victoria is always checking in to see what is happening with you and your students. 

Click here for help with your video criteria and upload instructions.

2021 video deadlines (to be eligible for the showcase) 

  • Digital showcase (1) - 2nd June 2021
  • Digital showcase (2) - 20th October 2021

Step 3: Join the showcase! 

Join in the celebration with the community of schools acting for wildlife and find out which projects were chosen by Zoos Victoria for the showcase*! 

2021 Dates: 

  • Digital showcase week (1) - 7-11 June  
  • Digital showcase week (2) - 25-29 October 
  • Melbourne Zoo Showcase day – 19 November 

*Schools chosen as the outstanding projects for the digital showcase will be notified prior. 

Outstanding submissions will be extended an invitation to the end of year celebration at Melbourne Zoo 

For further support contact the Fighting Extinction Schools Coordinator at FESchool@zoo.org.auLimited places are also available for Teacher Members in the Fighting Extinction Schools Mentoring Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Fighting Extinction Showcase cost?

The Digital Showcase is free of charge for all schools to participate.  
Schools invited to the end of year celebration at Melbourne Zoo will be responsible for their own transport costs.  

What do I have to do?

Go online as a teacher, class or school group and be inspired by the amazing  Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase clips. Then, show us what you have been doing to Fight Extinction. Create your own short videos and upload them to the  Fighting Extinction Schools Flipgrid as a response to the relevant year level ‘topic’ for your students.  

What is ‘acting for wildlife’?

Acting for wildlife is a way to support your students to consolidate new skills and knowledge through real-world contexts. Guidance and support on how to do this effectively for your students can be found in an of our program teaching guides.

How are schools chosen for the showcase?

A panel of Zoos Victoria Teachers will select projects which demonstrate authentic action for wildlife most likely to have a conservation impact and also demonstrates best practice learning. 

What does my video need to include?

View Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction School Showcase video upload template. This link includes instructions on how to upload to the Showcase Flipgrid 

Can I get more help with Flipgrid?

Flipgrid has a fantastic help section with instructional videos. Visit https://help.flipgrid.com/.

Is Flipgrid a secure site?

Flipgrid is an education website by Microsoft and is used by schools across Australia (and the world). Your video will be shared with other schools participating in the Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase as well as a select group of Zoos Victoria Staff.  

Please include only minimal detail about your students e.g., their school, first name (please do not include identifying information such as surnames, addresses etc.)