Macaw experience


$49.00 per person (excludes zoo entry)

$44.00 Zoo Members


Thursday to Sunday at 11.20am

Please arrive 5 minutes early


20 minutes


Max. 4 people


Minimum age is 8 years old.

Participants aged 8 - 12 years old must have accompanying adult supervision - 1 adult per 2 children.

Each participant, adults and children, will require their own paid ticket to attend.

Closed toed shoes MUST be worn.

Nuts, peanut, fruit or pollen allergens may be utilised as bird enrichment on the day.

This experience is NOT wheelchair friendly.

This experience may contain loud noises - ear muffs will be available upon request for sensory accessibility.

For Macaw safety, please notify you host on the day, if you have a bird at home.

Contact us on 1300 966 784 if you have any concerns so we can ensure you have a positive experience.

Read the full terms and conditions

Take flight and join our VIP ranger for an intimate Macaw experience.

Stop a moment and watch the skies as our vibrant Blue and Gold Macaw’s showcase their free-flight abilities in a keeper lead - training session. Then head over to the heritage aviary and participate in an intimate behind the scenes experience.

Join our amazing avian experts as they introduce you to Green Winged Macaws - Heinz & Ruby, as well as other Amazonian parrot species. Enter into the exhibit to view one of their daily training, health check or stationary sessions and assist the keeper with hanging, placing or scattering specially designed (perhaps by you) enrichment items throughout the Macaws’ habitat.

If you are a bird lover, you don't want to miss this opportunity to witness how these intelligent, talented birds exercise their natural instincts whilst encouraging positive mental, physical, sensory & cognitive behaviours.

Each experience will be unique, allowing our keepers to let the individual animals shine and give them the choice to control how they participate.

By participating in this experience, you will help support efforts to protect these charismatic avian conservation ambassadors.

Please note, our Macaws can get quite loud and rambunctious. So if you or your family members are sensitive to loud noises, we recommend selecting one of our other amazing animal experiences.

Zoo entry not included. Be sure to also book your entry tickets for the same date as your experience.