Orangutan Experience


$91.00 per person (excludes zoo entry)

$82.00 Zoo Members


9.15am daily


25 minutes

Group size

Max. 8 people


Minimum age 8 years. Participants aged 8-15 must have accompanying adult supervision:
1 adult per 3 children or 2 adults per 4 children.
Children aged 15+ years do NOT require adult supervision

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Meet Melbourne Zoo’s critically endangered great apes and the passionate keeper who cares for them.

In this exclusive experience you will have the opportunity to meet these incredible yet critically endangered animals.

Our passionate keepers will grant you special access to areas of Melbourne Zoo usually reserved only for zoo keepers to learn about how we care for these animals and the plight of their wild cousins. In this exclusive and intimate experience you will watch a training session with either the orangutans or the siamangs, head to the rooftop of Orangutan Sanctuary to provide scatter for the animals, learn all about Zoos Victoria's palm oil campaign and enjoy story-time and Q&A with the Orangutan Troop.

Sadly, the wild habitat of these creatures is fast disappearing due to unsustainable palm oil products. Your participation will help contribute to Zoos Victoria's work to fight wildlife extinction.

Zoo entry not included. Be sure to also book your entry tickets for the same date as your behind the scenes.