Zoo-ber Eats: Keepers deliver delicious cooling treats

11 January 2021

Animals – big and small – at Werribee Open Range Zoo are discovering delicious ways to keep cool as temperatures soar across Victoria.

In anticipation of today’s scorching weather, the Zoo’s team of volunteers specially prepared a variety of ice blocks for the resident Slender-tailed meerkets, Hilgert’s vervet monkeys, Tamar wallabies, Hippopotamus and Camels.

The snap-fresh delivery was met with snuffling excitement as each animal worked at the frozen blocks to get the delicious, refreshing reward.

African River Trail keeper Kieralie Braasch said the icy treats make for a great summer enrichment for the animals.

“All of our animals receive some kind of daily enrichment and we rotate through them to ensure there is plenty of variety,” said Ms Braasch.

“On a hot day, it's important to provide our animals with ample ways to keep cool, and it’s a bonus that these iced treats introduce a new scent or flavour into their habitat.”

However, it’s not just the animals finding relief from the summer heat at Werribee Open Range Zoo, with members and visitors invited to head to the misting stations at the Hippo Pond and Australian Trail. Werribee Open Range Zoo re-opened to visitors on 29 October under the latest changing of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions by the Victorian Government. Daily visitor numbers are capped and all tickets must be pre-purchased online. For more information, visit: www.zoo.org.au