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Menyaru's birthday

All Menyaru wants is to save Tripa

Sumatran Orang-utan, Menyaru celebrated his ninth birthday today with his family and lots of fruit cake. But it wasn't all cake and presents as the Zoo delivered a strong message about the current crisis unfolding in the Tripa Peatland Reserve in Sumatra.

8 July 2012
Expectant elephants and male bonding video

Expectant elephants

Asian Elephant Num-Oi is due to give birth in December or January, and this morning Melbourne Zoo Director Kevin Tanner has announced that Mali's mother Dokkoon is also pregnant.

2 July 2012
Mali in the Myer windows video

Malis starring at Myer

Four life-sized elephant calf sculptures have gone on display for two weeks in the iconic Myer windows.

It's a preview of the main event, when 50 life-sized sculptures inspired by Asian Elephant calf Mali will be on view around the city, from August 10th to September 21st.

27 June 2012
Meerkat kittens

Five Meerkat kittens

Carnivore Keepers are delighted to be looking after a new litter of five Meerkat kittens in the exhibit on the Main Drive.

They have been born into a new group formed when five young females arrived from South Africa in December.

21 June 2012
Wombat Nullabor and her joey

Wombat birth

Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat Nullabor and her joey are now on view in the Zoo's wombat burrow.

Nullabor's joey is the first baby of this species to be born at Melbourne Zoo since 2004.

18 May 2012

Gorilla Rainforest milestone

The Zoo's Primate Department is celebrating a special anniversary this month, because the innovative Gorilla Rainforest opened on April 11, 1990.

12 April 2012
Capuchin baby

Capuchin births

There are two new additions to the Capuchin monkey group in the Treetops exhibit, with both Possum and Cassie giving birth recently and increasing the size of the group to 13 members.

Both mothers are experienced, and the babies are doing well.

5 April 2012
Stuttering Frog on greenery

Leaping ahead of extinction

This weekend, March 3rd/4th, you are invited to join Zoos Victoria in their support of conservation efforts for amphibians across the globe by enjoying some very special frog-focused family activities at Melbourne Zoo.

1 March 2012
Tiger cub birthday treat

Tiger cubs 2nd birthday

Sumatran Tiger brothers Hutan and Aceh enjoyed special treats on their second birthday, featuring chicken drumsticks and extra lean mince. The brothers, who were born in the litter of four that included the two girls Indrah and Rani.

13 February 2012
Baby crocodile

Crocodile conservation commitment

Melbourne Zoo is proud to announce a new partnership with Lacoste and Save Your Logo which will greatly benefit the endangered Philippines Crocodile.

27 January 2012