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Bring the zoo to life from anywhere around the world with live cams, Keeper Talks and other virtual updates.

Live streams (running 24/7)

Check out the 24/7 live streams of some of your favourite animals. You can catch up on what you missed by clicking back on the red line underneath the video. 

Can’t see the animals on the live cams? That’s because our animals live in areas that are much bigger than what a camera can capture.

Please note feeding times are subject to change.

Otters at Melbourne Zoo - Den Cam #1

Meet the Asian Small-clawed Otter family at Melbourne Zoo. Papa Odie has been teaching his pups at Melbourne Zoo to play wrestle and all the important life skills an otter needs to know!

Can't see the otters? Try Otter Den Cam #2!

Otters at Melbourne Zoo - Den Cam #2

Can't see the otters? They might be exploring their exhibit. Check back in soon!

Lions at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Meet the lazy African Lions of Werribee Open Range Zoo. How many can you spot?

Penguins at Melbourne Zoo
Feeding times

Between 9-10.30am and between 3-4pm 

Get to know our Little Penguins
  • Miss Wing (female) - Two white wing tags
  • Nippet (female) - Red and white wing tags
  • Wicket (male) - Green and dark blue wing tags
  • Homer (male) - Green and yellow wing tags
Snow Leopards at Melbourne Zoo
Feeding times

Between 9am and 10am


Giraffes Melbourne Zoo


8.45am, 12pm and 4pm


  • Nakuru (female) - Born in 2012. Our biggest Giraffe. 
  • Klintun (male) - Born in 2018 at Altina Wildlife Park in NSW.
  • Iris (female) - Born in 2020 at Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland.

Virtual visit: Healesville Sanctuary

Head out to the Yarra Valley and say hello to some of our native animals.  


Tour the sanctuary

Keeper Talk: Wombat

Keeper Talk: Lyrebird

Animal cam: Land of Parrots

Animal cam: Echidnas

Animal cam: Tree Kangaroos

Animal cam: Koalas

A young Leadbeater's Possum, drinking Milk-like formula out of an eye-dropper.
While the community focuses on looking after people, we’ll keep looking after wildlife - but we need your help.

Virtual visit: Werribee Open Range Zoo

Get a taste of Africa as you watch the animals on the open plains. 


Tour the zoo 

Tour the Savannah

Keeper Talk: Serval

Keeper Talk: Lions

Animal cam: Savannah

Virtual Visit: Melbourne Zoo

Take a tour through a world of wildlife, right from the comfort of your home. 


Tour the zoo

Keeper Talk: Orangutans

Keeper Talk: Tiger

Animal cam: Meerkats

Animal cam: Red Panda

Animal cam: Butterfly House

Animal cam: Elephants 

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