What do you know about zoos?

Zoos Victoria is a world-leading zoo-based conservation organisation. As a not-for-profit, proceeds from zoo entry goes towards helping wildlife. 

Hear from our passionate experts as they explain the role of modern zoos. 

Challenge what you know about zoos

How do zoos help wildlife?

At Zoos Victoria, we are dedicated to protecting wildlife. We are involved in conservation partnerships locally and globally, champion conservation through grass-roots community campaignseducate the next generation, and support more than 50 research projects that benefit both ecological communities and key species. 

Protecting 27 Local Threatened Species

Zoos Victoria runs and delivers more captive breeding and recovery programs than any other institution within Australia. A lot of this is done through the programs dedicated to saving 27 local threatened species from extinction. 

Our people are passionate and focused on the conservation of our wildlife, and so much of our success with these programs is achieved through partnerships.

Conservation wins from the year so far

In 2021, we have:

Guardian Dogs protect Critically Endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoots

Responding to wildlife emergencies 

From the Marine Response Unit to our scientists and vets, we have experts working in the field and ready to respond when animals need help. 

This was highlighted in the aftermath of the 2020 bushfires. Our teams were among some of the first responders on the ground, and rescued and rehabilitated many animals at Healesville Sanctuary's Australian Wildlife Health Centre

In addition, over $10.9 million has been donated by both individuals and organisations and is now being allocated to fund wildlife recovery work and prepare for any future catastrophic bushfire events impacting wildlife.

With community support and expertise, our organisation is determined to be prepared to meet future demand and help communities respond to both human and wildlife needs in the face of such emergencies. 

Bushfire-affected koalas returned to the wild


From the essential work our keepers do with the animals in our care, through to our scientists working dynamically in the field, we protect wildlife and fight extinction.

Who knew it was the zoo? 


Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby looking slightly down with green foliage in the background.
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