The Grassland Earless Dragon has not appeared in Victoria since 1969.

The little dragon is light brown with three white stripes running down and a number of darker bands running across its body. It is just 15cm from head to tail when fully grown. Unlike most other lizards it doesn't have external ear openings. It’s an energetic little animal for its size and adults can move over 110 metres in a day. The Grassland Earless Dragon was once widespread throughout western Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

Habitat loss and a break up of the populations are thought to be the main causes of decline in the species.

The plan for recovery

Zoos Victoria has been actively searching for the dragon since 2017 and is committed to continuing the quest. We are conducting habitat assessments throughout the western basalt plains of Victoria.

Meanwhile, we are providing husbandry and breeding support for the National Recovery Team working with populations from the ACT and NSW.

How you can help

Help us look for the Grassland Earless Dragon. They prefer areas that have not been cultivated or disturbed and feature native grasses. Suitable habitats might be undisturbed rail reserves, roadsides and cemeteries. If you see one, report it here

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Zoos Victoria is fighting to save the Victorian species of the Grassland Earless Dragon from extinction.

Population Trend:
Number left in the wild:
Not seen in Victoria since 1969

Conservation Status

  • LC
    Least Concern
  • NT
    Near Threatened
  • VU
  • EN
  • CR
    Critically Endangered
  • EW
    Extinct in the Wild
  • EX