Australian Wildlife Health Centre

Where compassion meets conservation

Healesville Sanctuary's Australian Wildlife Health Centre is a place for compassionate conservation. The dedicated veterinary team treat around 2,000 wildlife patients each year, as well as caring for the animals that call the Sanctuary home. Internal glass walls within the wildlife hospital allow visitors to see firsthand the expert care of native animals.

Explore the hospital’s interactive activities and learn more about all aspects of wildlife care - rescue, diagnosis, rehabilitation and release.

Walk in the shoes of a vet, making compassionate decisions for each unique patient and listen to stories of joy when rehabilitated animals are returned to the wild. Be inspired by the work of our veterinary team beyond the hospital to frontline events, such as catastrophic bushfires, or take a quiet moment to reflect on personal stories of resilience.    

The hospital team also conducts cutting-edge research into conservation medicine, clinical wildlife medicine and wildlife rehabilitation, and plays an important role in wildlife disease surveillance. 

The Australian Wildlife Centre receives funding by the Victorian Government through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants.

Inspire little minds at Future Vets

To inspire little visitors, there is a Future Vets zone where children can imagine and play with plush toy patients.

Future Vets play area is open from 9am - 4pm.

Raptor Rehabilitation Centre 

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre is located next to our incredible Raptor Rehabilitation Centre – a purpose-built centre for the rehabilitation of eagles, owls and other raptors that have been patients at the hospital and are on their recovery journey.

Volunteering at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre

There's a whole family of people dedicated to wildlife care in Victoria. Thousands of wildlife carers volunteer their time to rescue and care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

The rescue and rehabilitation process could not happen without this dedicated group of people. 

Found a sick, injured or distressed animal?

Time is often one of the most important factors when caring for a sick, injured, orphaned or distressed animal.

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre can assist injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

Phone: (03) 5957 2829
Animal drop-off: 9am to 4pm

There are also a number of other organisations you can contact no matter what time of the day or where you are located that can provide emergency help for wildlife.

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre gallery is open from 9am – 4.30pm daily.

Future Vets play area is open from 9am - 4pm daily.