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Conservation Partners

Move closer to our conservation work by making a specific gift to one of our projects and make a real change for animals.

Giving a major gift is much more than a financial transaction it is inspiring others to give, changing animal’s lives for the better and helping move species off the critically endangered list.

Working alongside one of our personalised Relationship Managers, we can help you tailor a meaningful gift that also reflects your passions.

You will receive invitations to our exclusive events for Conservation Partners and behind-the-scenes experiences that will take you backstage at the zoo.

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As we navigate through new, unprecedented challenges, we need your help to continue our conservation work.

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Relationship Manager Philanthropy
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Current fundraising projects

Upgrading the Melbourne Zoo veterinary facilities

The veterinary team at Melbourne Zoo are responsible for providing expert care to an extraordinarily diverse range of species.

It is not unusual on any given day to see orangutans, tigers, meerkats, snow leopards and gorillas treated at the centre.

Patients vary between animals already in our care, as part of our captive breeding programs or in some cases, rescued wildlife.

Melbourne Zoo currently lacks hospitalisation facilities that enable the team to manage such a variety of animal healthcare in a flexible manner. 

Melbourne Zoo is 157 years old and the current veterinary facilities, although they have had updates internally, certainly come with some historical restraints.

In many situations, the team find their treatment rooms and quarantine facilities at capacity. Adding to the complexity of caring for a variety of animals with various needs is the outdated facility design.

How you can help

Make an ongoing pledge and support our hospital into the future, or invest in infrastructure that will save animals.

Item  Estimate ($)
 Phase 1 - Vet holding facility   $1,567,000
 Phase 2 - Outdoor holding yards  $681,000
 Phase 3 - Animal treatment Centre, staff utilities & nurse reception  $384,000
 Phase 4 - Nurses’ office  $23,000
 Phase 5 - Additional areas to outdoor holding  $217,000
 Total $2,872,000

* Facilities assume construction of some new areas and repair and/or modification of some existing facilities.

International partnerships

Since 1992 Zoos Victoria’s conservation efforts have extended far beyond our own borders to support wildlife conservation around the globe.

Our international conservation programs have evolved over those 26 years to focus on deeper engagement to ensure measurable outcomes for wildlife and people are achieved.

Zoos Victoria is a proud conservation partner of Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU).

RFU is working to restore a secure population of wild rhinos by working with local villages to stop people being recruited by poachers to help them track and hunt the animals.


The goal of Rhino Fund Uganda is to reestablish the Southern White Rhino in the wild in Uganda.

Civil conflict caused the loss of White Rhinos from Uganda in 1983, and elsewhere it has since been heavily impacted by poaching for its horn.

Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) was established in 1997 and manages the 7,000 hectare Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary located in the centre of Uganda.

The founding group of six rhinos has since grown to more than 23, with the family groups monitored 24 hours a day by trained rangers.

How you can help

Make an ongoing pledge and support our hospital into the future, or invest in infrastructure that will save animals.

Item Estimate ($)
Support Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) ranger patrols and monitoring $175,000
In-kind support for RFU rangers $25,000
Strengthen education delivery and outcomes at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and adjacent communities $25,000
Sister Zoo Establish Zoos Victoria and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) relationship and support framework $15,000
Enhance animal management and welfare through UWEC Life Science staff training/support, extending to other African zoos as opportunities arise $40,000
Develop UWEC education support with RFU and communities $45,000
Strengthen UWEC community engagement through campaign initiatives $45,000
Total cost over five years $370,000