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Conservation Partners

Move closer to our conservation work by making a specific gift to one of our projects and make a real change for animals.

Giving a major gift is much more than a financial transaction it is inspiring others to give, changing animal’s lives for the better and helping move species off the critically endangered list.

Working alongside one of our personalised Relationship Managers, we can help you tailor a meaningful gift that also reflects your passions.

You will receive invitations to our exclusive events for Conservation Partners and behind-the-scenes experiences that will take you backstage at the zoo.

Learn more about becoming a Conservation Partner by reading our brochure or watch a video where eight of our partners share their inspiring stories on why they became Conservation Partners 

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As we navigate through new, unprecedented challenges, we need your help to continue our conservation work.

Contact us to become a Conservation Partner

Lori Kravos
Relationship Manager Philanthropy
Phone: 03 9340 2717


Seal opening its mouth for the keeper to do a health check.

Fundraising projects that require urgent support. 

Upgrading veterinary facilities

From koalas to seals  and everything in between  our vets can’t do their amazing work without your support. 

We know that there is an growing need for emergency wildlife care in the western region of Victoria. Due to increased fire-threat, urban sprawl and rising community awareness about the veterinary services we provide, the amount of animals treated under our care has increased by a staggering 650% over the past five years.  

Sadly, there is no doubt we’re going to have bushfires again that will impact our precious wildlife, it’s a part of our
Australian landscape. So, the question is not about whether or not we’ll have more bushfires, but whether or not we’ll be prepared for the next one.

With our generous partners RSPCA Victoria, we have plans to improve our veterinary facilities for sick and injured koalas (and other precious wildlife), and to equip our team of wildlife-experts with greater resources to respond to emergencies  but we need your help.

Your donation can contribute to this cause and help us secure a future rich in wildlife. 

Secure a thriving future for the iconic Platypus

Australia’s recent bushfires and drought have taken a toll on our already Vulnerable Platypus. Sadly, they are disappearing from our rivers and creeks at an alarming rate.

Platypus are unique and precious to Australia – and one of the most unusual creatures on Earth. They are as ancient as dinosaurs, and almost as elusive to scientists. It’s rare to spot a Platypus in the wild because they are nocturnal and shy creatures. 

We still don’t yet know enough about our incredible, iconic, irreplaceable platypus. What we do know is they are in far more trouble than we previously thought.

In 1996, the World of Platypus (later joined by the Tales of Platypus Creek Arena) was built at Healesville Sanctuary, generously sponsored by the Myer Family. The building and facilities are rapidly ageing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring the Platypus to visitors and members in an engaging way that also meets our growing understanding of the animal's welfare and biological needs. 

We are hoping to raise $5 million for the Zoos Victoria Endowment Fund, alongside the $5 million promised by the Victorian Government to build a platypus facility and support the ongoing operation of the centre. We have already received a generous lead gift towards the fund from an anonymous donor, but we continue to need support which will help with important research, conservation and protection of this species long into the future. 


Please contact the philanthropy team to discuss becoming a Conservation Partner.

Lori Kravos
Relationship Manager Philanthropy
Phone: 03 9340 2717