Mountain Pygmy-possum eating nectar from syringe

Future Hands Fellowship

Leave a gift in your Will and fight wildlife extinction - the future is in safe hands.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Zoos Victoria, you have the power to make our zoos stronger by securing the future for our animals for many years to come.

We know it is not only an important personal gift, it’s also a lasting legacy to your beliefs and values.

A gift in a Will, will change animals' lives for the better and help move species off the critically endangered list.

Join Dr Jenny Gray, our CEO and hear why she has left a gift in her Will and joined the Future Hands Fellowship.

Jenny Gray looking an Aldabra Giant Tortoise in the eye

"Zoos Victoria is home to around 300 species - everything from Asian Elephants, Sumatran Tigers and Orang-utans to Mountain Pygmy-possums and the Lord Howe Stick insects, and we love them all equally.

Many of our animals are facing a tough time in the wild, as their natural homes come under increasing threat from human activities.

However, I am optimistic. I often say, that if we humans can make a problem - we can definitely fix it.

Just like you, I want to continue to help animals into the future and ensure that Zoos Victoria continues far beyond my tenure as CEO.  That is why I, along with my husband Richard, decided to join the Future Hands Fellowship, and leave a gift in our Wills to Zoos Victoria. We know that the future of wildlife is in our hands and what better way to help than by leaving a gift in our Wills.

I invite you to join me and also leave a gift in your Will and help us continue to provide joy to our Zoo family, visitors to our iconic zoos, to save the future for animals in our care and fight extinction 

For years to come."

Join the Future Hands Fellowship

Every year, we are notified of gifts left to Zoos Victoria from someone that we have never met. We are always incredibly appreciative and grateful for these gifts, but also saddened that we didn't know about this interest in wildlife, and our zoos, during their lifetime.

Once you have made the decision to leave a gift in your Will to Zoos Victoria, please let a member of the Philanthropy Team know.

We would love the opportunity to thank you and welcome you into the Future Hands Fellowship.

By becoming a member of the Future Hands Fellowship, you will be invited to special events that will help you see how your future gift will contribute to fighting extinction for a future rich in wildlife.

Close up of a Mountain Pygmy Possum sitting on a keepers hand. It is holding a peanut with a grass bow ties around it.

Writing your Will

Your solicitor may find the following wording helpful:

Zoological Parks and Gardens Board
PO Box 74
Parkville Victoria 3052
ABN 96 913 959 053
Tel: +61 3 9340 2770

“I devise and bequeath to the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board free of all taxes and other deductions [the residue of my estate/ or other type of bequest] to be used for the general purpose of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board, and the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer of the said fund shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee.”

Endowment Fund

Many of our supporters choose to leave a gift in their Wills to our Endowment Fund.

The Zoos Victoria Endowment Fund is an investment fund that has been established under the sound governance of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board.

The Fund will grow over time through intelligent investments and additional contributions, donations and gifts in Wills.

This approach will ensure that your support will make an indelible mark and will continue to grow in perpetuity. Together, we’ll build the foundations today for an even greater tomorrow.

Memorial Gifts

To celebrate a loved one’s life some people choose to ask for donations to a chosen charity in lieu of flowers at the time their passing.

We have memorial donation envelopes that we would be happy to mail to you for your loved one’s funeral, please get in contact with us.

Contact us

Please get in touch for a confidential discussion about leaving a gift to the zoo in your Will.

Angie Retallack
General Manager Philanthropy
Phone: 03 9340 2720