Zoos Victoria works hard on carbon reduction and environmental sustainability.

The fight begins with sustainability

As many of our endangered animals are vulnerable to climate change and loss of habitat, we are determined to become a world leader on these issues.

We are already the first zoo to achieve carbon neutral certification.* Our residual carbon is offset in areas that have high eco-benefits in biodiversity protection and conservation as well as community development.

We are continually improving our day-today practices, and work to be gentle on the planet. Our 2014–19 Environmental Sustainability Investment Prospectus is the first of our five-year plans; each one will further cement our position as leaders in sustainable practices. We welcome support from funding partners as we continue the fight against extinction.

*Certified under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)

What we're doing

Waste management

Everything, from small-scale worm farming to an onsite in-vessel compost at Melbourne Zoo helps us reduce, re-use and recycle. 

Carbon management

We measure the carbon and resources we consume every year.

Energy efficiency

We work to improve our energy efficiency in many ways, from animal care to increased staff awareness. 

Water saving measures

We work on reducing our water consumption while still maintaining diverse environments for our animals. 

Environmental management

Zoos Victoria carries out best practice in managing and reducing our environmental impact. 

Upcoming projects

We're currently supporting three exciting sustainability projects that are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through renewables and efficiencies:

  1. Expanding our solar photovoltaic energy
  2. Expanding our Solar Trees and other off-grid systems
  3. Increasing our renewable energy to 100% through offsite generation

What you can do

Home composting

Composting begins at home.  A worm farm or compost bin will immediately reduce your landfill waste.

Increase your recycling

Download our Hard to Recycle Guide and discover what other household items you could be recycling.