Year levels

VCE Vocational Major


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Monday to Friday (during school term)

Connecting Community with Conservation supports students to identify an environmental issue, consider different perspectives of key stakeholders, and discover how they can help wildlife through a community based activity.

Program description

VCE Vocational Major Unit 2 

In this program, students will step behind the scenes in Wild Seas to examine how a community comes together to look after wildlife. With the support of a Zoo Teacher, they will tackle a real-world case study and discuss problem solving strategies that will promote community engagement. 

Following the excursion, students can use the techniques applied during their zoo excursion to look at a local wildlife issue and prepare an activity that engages their community. 

Students will learn: 

  • About a wildlife issue that occurs within communities across Victoria 
  • To consider different perspectives of key stakeholders within a community 
  • Work collaboratively to apply problem-solving strategies to a real-world case study 

Program sequence

Before your visit


Use the activities in the Teaching Guide (below) to spark students’ curiosity before their zoo visit.

During your visit

Connect and Understand 

Students will have the opportunity to build on their knowledge of local wildlife issues and ask questions of a Zoo Teacher to help inform the development of a community based activity. 

Your zoo visit will include: An introduction to the day (for arrivals between 9.45am and 10.00am), Zoo Teacher workshop (40 minutes) and keeper talks. Check out your Teaching Guide for other ideas of what to do at the zoo. 

After your visit


Use activities in the Teaching Guide to deepen students’ learning back at school. 


Use the Teaching Guide to enable students to master their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. 

Program maps and itineraries

Your booking confirmation email will list your group's education workshop time/s. Each workshop time has its own map and suggested daily itinerary. Digital maps will be provided to you on the day.

Learning outcomes

VCE Vocational Major - Personal Development Skills 

Unit 2: Connecting with community 

Area of Study 1: What is community?
  • Students will explore the concept of community at a local, national and global level 
Area of Study 2: Community cohesion
  • Students will learn about a range of challenges affecting local, national, and global communities, within the current context and future challenges 
  • Students will understand the differing perspectives relating to cultural, social environmental and/or economic issues 
  • Students will explore the barriers and enablers to communities working together to solve problems 

Plan your excursion 

This program is an outdoor all-weather program; the students will need appropriate clothing for weather conditions. This could include a raincoat, hat and sun protection. 

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