Build a campaign with your students and excite your community to take meaningful action for wildlife.

Zoos Victoria has several Community Conservation Campaigns that encourage individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to make simple changes that can have real and positive effects on the wildlife we share our planet with.​

These Campaign Toolkits have been designed to support teachers and students to:

  • Investigate how Zoos Victoria uses science to create positive change for wildlife
  • Invite their school community to take part in this campaign
  • Empower students to build their own campaign within their community

Each of these teaching resources has been curated by the Zoos Victoria Education team in consultation with the Community Conservation Campaigns team. They contain a wealth of information including: a ready-to-use template to design your own campaign, videos, scientific information, media links, actions you can take and links to the Science curriculum.

Once your students have built their campaign, share your learning story with us online to become a Fighting Extinction School.

We love balloons, but when they’re used outdoors they can escape into the environment and end up in oceans or waterways, harming and even killing precious wildlife.


When Balloons Fly, Seabird Die Toolkit (Primary)

Build a campaign template - Primary

Two adults and two children sitting on the floor in a lounge room with one black and white cat and one ginger cat

With your help, we aim to build a community of cat owners who have the tools to provide their cat with the longest and happiest lives possible by keeping them safe and enriched at home.


Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife Toolkit (Secondary) - COMING SOON

Build a campaign Template - Secondary