Fighting Extinction Schools Mentoring Program

A unique opportunity to collaborate with a Zoos Victoria Teacher on a curriculum aligned Fighting Extinction project.

Program description

Zoos Victoria’s Fighting Extinction Schools Mentoring program provides ongoing support for teachers to design a series of curriculum linked lessons or a project with a real-world context in wildlife conservation.

Successful applicants will work with a Zoos Victoria Teacher throughout the year to assist in the design of a program for your students. Your Zoo Teacher can:

  • help you choose a wildlife conservation project
  • advise in the design of your curriculum and real-world lessons
  • give you access to exclusive Zoos Victoria resources
  • provide you with up to 20 hours of support throughout the year
  • be flexible in their support, providing short digital catch ups, emails and phone calls

Who this program is for

You are a teacher who wants to take your teaching about animals to the next level. You want to consolidate your students’ knowledge and skills. You have allocated time in your curriculum to undertake a real-world wildlife conservation project, which might include:

  • Improving the natural environment for local wildlife
  • Collecting real data to inform scientific research
  • Improving social and economic systems to positively effect wildlife
  • Developing new ideas that improve Zoos Victoria’s conservation work
  • Fundraising and motivating your community
  • Building awareness and connection of wildlife in your community

This program is exclusively for Zoos Victoria Teacher Members. Teachers from all sectors and year levels are welcome to apply. 

Important dates 

Session begins 18 March 2024

Session ends 20 December 2024

Note: Mentoring is delivered during school term only 

Apply now 

Applications are now open. Please complete this form - Schools Mentoring Application.

Applications close Sunday 25 February 2024.

For questions about the Fighting Extinction Schools Mentoring Program, contact the Fighting Extinction Schools Coordinator,

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will be my mentor?

Your mentor will be one of our fully qualified Zoo Teachers, all of whom have experience in the classroom and designing conservation linked projects. You can learn more about our teaching team here. 

What will my wildlife conservation project be about?

Your Zoo Teacher Mentor will provide you with a range of flexible wildlife conservation project to best match the needs of your students and curriculum.

How will my Mentor be chosen?

Successful applications will be matched to Mentors with the most complementary experience and knowledge for the proposed project.

Do I have to be a Zoos Victoria member to be part of the program?

This program is exclusively for Zoos Victoria members. You are welcome to become a member in order to apply for this program, and access a range of other member benefits.

Will my Mentor be working directly with my students?

Your Mentor will not be working directly with your students. They will provide you with access to zoo videos and other resources so that you can create awesome experiences for your students.

How often will I connect with my Mentor?

Each Mentor has a maximum of 20 hours over the mentoring program to work with you. Use of this time is negotiable with your Mentor based on your needs and their availability. Your Mentor will ensure you are getting support during key moments of your wildlife conservation project.

How do I meet with my Mentor?

Teachers from all over Victoria can be part of the program because the program is designed to be flexible. You and your Mentor will discuss how best to meet, which can include video conferencing, phone calls, emails or face-to-face meetings.

What if my project will take less time to design than the allocated mentoring periods?

If a project design finishes early, your Mentor will still be available to work with you on the program as you reflect on your practice and plan for future improvements.