Zoos Victoria School Readers

Discover the science of Victoria’s wildlife through illustrated stories written for Foundation–Year 2.

Program description

The Zoos Victoria Readers series has been developed as an exclusive gift for Victorian Foundation-Year 2 teachers and students. These five books will develop your students’ Science knowledge and Literacy skills through the stories of endangered animals.

Learning outcomes

Zoos Victoria Readers support the Foundation–Year 2 Science curriculum:

  • External features of living things
  • Animal homes and basic needs
  • Living things grow and change
  • People use science in their daily lives 

Slink the Alpine She-oak Skink

Gyack the Corroboree Frog

Hope the Eastern-Barred Bandicoot

Obie the Orange-bellied Parrot

Pippa the Mountain Pygmy-possum

Program resources

Zoos Victoria Readers have been delivered to your primary school. They come with a suite of teaching resources and support:

  • eBook with narration – free eBook with optional narration
  • eBook PDF – free eBook with text and images
  • Workshop recording – interactive video recording of a zoo educator to connect to the animals
  • Other videos – storytelling, interviews with experts, animal information videos
  • Animal Toolkit – free curriculum-aligned species information kits
  • Teaching Guide – a time saver with classroom activities and curriculum links for Teacher Members
  • Excursion - deepen your student's learning at the zoo where you can find the species in the Reader, and a workshop taught by a Zoo Teacher
Supported by

Through its charity foundation, PETstock is proud to sponsor the Zoos Victoria Readers series. PETstock is inspired by the opportunity to work with Zoos Victoria and Australia’s future generations to help species that need it most.