The Swift Parrot is critically endangered.

Unless we can solve the issues surrounding its continued existence, there’s a 31% likelihood the parrot will become extinct over the next 20 years.

Streamlined for speed, the Swift Parrot is one of the few truly migratory parrots in the world. The Swift Parrot is small, brightly coloured and feeds on nectar from flowering eucalypts. In autumn, the entire wild population migrates from Tasmania to Victoria’s Great Dividing Range.

Major threats

Major habitat loss has created a serious problem for the Swift Parrot. More than 70% of the forests and woodlands they rely upon is no longer present.

The introduction of the Sugar Glider to Tasmania has added to the threat. The glider establishes itself in the bird's nesting hollows and is also responsible for increased deaths among the adult females sitting on eggs.

The plan for fighting extinction

Zoos Victoria is supporting actions in the field to locate the most important habitat for the Swift Parrot and minimise the threat from Sugar Gliders. We are also assessing the need to create a captive population and, if required, construct a breeding facility.

How you can help

  • Do what you can to increase community awareness and support for the Swift Parrot.
  • Donate if you can. As we are a not-for-profit organisation, all donations go towards our conservation efforts.
  • By visiting our zoos, you are supporting our work to fight extinction.
  • Discover more about conservation events and join the growing number of wild activists taking action for wildlife.

Photo: Chris Tzaros

Number left in the wild:

Conservation Status

  • LC
    Least Concern
  • NT
    Near Threatened
  • VU
  • EN
  • CR
    Critically Endangered
  • EW
    Extinct in the Wild
  • EX