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Free Dingo Country (due to an event, this talk will occur at 3.55pm on 31 Nov - 1 Dec, 7 - 8 Dec, 15 - 16 Feb and 22 - 23 Feb)
03:30 pm every day

Prance with a pack of one of Australia’s most iconic animals – the Dingo. In our high country exhibit, you can see this threatened species close up, and learn about its complex history.

Our ‘Dingo Lingo’ keeper talks take place every day at 3:30pm.


A distant relative of the Indian Wolf, the Dingo arrived in mainland Australia around 5,000 years ago. They're a naturally shy animal with an independent nature. Pack leaders breed once a year and the whole pack helps rear the pups. Dingoes howl at different frequencies to communicate their territory boundaries and pack make-up.
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