Open 9am-5pm daily, prebook tickets before you visit
Echidna Keeper Talk
3.30pm every day

Take a journey along the boardwalk and into the Manna Gum treetops to spy one of Australia’s most famous animals – the koala!

Don’t miss the daily Koala Keeper Talk, where you’ll learn about these cute creatures and how you can protect their forest habitats. The echidnas also call this exhibit home, so look out for movement below!

Short-beaked Echidna

The echidna, also called the ‘Spiny Ant-eater’, is found in a range of habitats around Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Their small body is covered with fur and prickly spines. Echidnas eat ants, termites, grubs and worms, using their fast-moving tongues to trap prey. Like the platypus, they lay eggs but are mammals.

Southern Koala

The koala is a furry Australian marsupial found in gum trees across the eastern states. Suited to a life in branches, they have rough pads, long claws and two fingers on their front paws for a sturdy grip. Sadly, koalas are threatened by loss of habitat and the disease Chlamydia.
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