A young Gorilla sitting on the hill with trees in the background.

Membership prices

Thank you for being a Zoos Victoria Member! You can find our latest member prices below.

  Price prior to 11 July 2022. Price from 11 July 2022.
Adult $10.00 monthly ($120 annually)

$10.50 monthly ($126 annually)

Child (under 16 years of age)  Free Free
Child upgrade (Zooperkids Kids Pack) $3.50 monthly ($46 annually) $4.00 monthly ($48 annually)
Concession  $7.50 monthly ($90 annually) $8.00 monthly ($96 annually) 
Seniors $9.00 monthly ($108 annually)  $9.50 monthly ($114 annually) 
Volunteers $26 annually  $27 annually
Teacher Members $84 annually $7.50 monthly ($90 annually)

If you wish to make any changes to your membership, update your billing details, add members to your account, or opt out of your automatic membership rollover, you can do this by calling our Membership Team on 1300 966 784 between 9am and 5pm daily. 

Thank you for your continued support

As a Zoos Victoria Member, your membership not only allows us to love, enrich and care for our animals, but also enables us to fight for wildlife, both here and overseas. Now more than ever, we appreciate your continued support.