Melbourne Zoo

Wild encounters

Experience the thrill of a Wild Encounter at Melbourne Zoo!

Get closer than ever before to our Melbourne Zoo family with our Wild Encounters program. Whether you want to a close-up photo opportunity with your favourite animal, a chance to go behind the scenes and meet our keepers, or to stay overnight at the Zoo, Wild Encounters puts you in right in the front row.


Close-up Encounters

Melbourne Zoo's Close-up Encounters will bring you face-to-face with some of our zoo's most popular personalities.

elephant painting 2015 1 web620

Elephant Behind The Scenes - Paint with the Elephants

For a limited time only Melbourne Zoo is offering the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with our Asian Elephants and assist in a painting enrichment session. Participants will have the chance to play artistic director as they select the colours used by the elephants to create a masterpiece.

Bong Su

Elephant Behind the Scenes - Meet Bong Su

Melbourne Zoo is offering a unique opportunity to meet our adult male Asian Elephant, Bong Su, in a special behind-the-scenes experience. Meet the staff who care for Bong Su and discover the daily activities that are needed to ensure that Bong Su is happy and healthy. Participants will get closer to Bong Su than ever before ... And we promise he will leave you in awe! 

Sumatran Tiger

Tiger Behind the Scenes

Meet one of Melbourne Zoo’s three critically endangered Sumatran Tigers and the passionate keeper who cares for them. Find out about the threats facing these animals and the things that you can do to help save them.

Gorilla Yuska MZ

Gorilla Behind the Scenes

Go behind-the-scenes with our keepers to meet the largest of all the primates and learn what it means to be part of the troop!

Sumatran Orang-utan close

Orang-utan Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with the Orang-utans at Melbourne Zoo; learn about how they survive in the wild, help with meal preparation and animal enrichment.

Wildlife Breakfast (Koalas)

Australian Wildlife Breakfast

Start your day with a delicious breakfast in the company of adorable koalas and iconic kangaroos at Melbourne Zoo. 

Kids Go Wild at Lemur Island

Kids Go Wild

27th June - 1st July / 4th July - 8th July

See some of our animals and hear from keepers on what makes them so special. Suitable for primary school students, there will be games, activities and a whole lot of fun.

Roar n Snore

Roar 'n' snore

Wake in the morning to the calls of gibbons and birds and enjoy breakfast before a chance to meet the keepers and experience up-close animal encounters and life behind-the-scenes.