Seen Channel 9's Mega Zoo TV show? Now see it for real as we take you behind the scenes of our three zoos and share the important conservation work that Zoos Victoria is carrying out to fight wildlife extinction

The Mega Zoo series features a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run our three incredible zoos.

Hi-tech cameras capture the special relationship between the extraordinary animals and their passionate keepers, as they fight to save critically endangered species from the brink of extinction and welcome the joyful arrival of adorable newborns.

Episode 1

Vet Leanne fights to save critically injured koalas rescued from Victoria’s devastating bushfires. Keepers need to find a solution for two-tonne rhino Kipenzi’s curiosity of zoo vehicles on the savannah. And is snow leopard Miska hiding an exciting secret?


Episode 2

A young elephant needs urgent dental surgery after breaking his tusks. Keeper Ross must move a hippo family out of their pond so a clean-up operation can begin. At the Wild Sea precinct, a crooked beak threatens to come between a couple of penguin lovebirds.


Episode 3

Two friends go head-to-head to win the heart of picky platypus Millsom. A high-risk procedure to help an elderly horse. A crafty orangutan puts keepers to the test, and keepers Georgie and Luke face a heart-wrenching decision - is it time to say goodbye to one of the zoo’s much-loved giraffes?


Episode 4

As keepers prepare to move lion brothers Lwazi and Ato to a new home interstate, emotions run high when a health check takes a frightening turn. How will major dental surgery help Tasmanian Devil Godric father some precious babies? Cheeky gorilla Kanzi must prove she’s a star student to receive vital medical care. Keepers are excited at the possibility otters Odie and Paula may be expecting pups.

Episode 5

Rescue wombat Daisy develops mysterious health problems that have vets baffled - can Dr Chris figure out what’s wrong in time to save the little battler’s life? Much-loved meerkat Nubby faces a daunting X-ray. Keepers Georgie and Luke set off on a challenging road trip to bring home a young giraffe. CEO Dr Jenny Gray reveals a secret that’s been hidden underneath Melbourne Zoo for decades.

Episode 6

The transfer of young lion brothers, Lwazi and Ato, is delayed. Meanwhile, young rhino Kifaru is about to start the mating game with some intimidating females. Marissa and Kim come up with a brilliant plan to help protect the critically endangered Mountain Pygmy Possums and a weird but wonderful outing in the Butterfly House.

Beyond Mega Zoo

Episode one: Lord Howe Island Stick Insect 

This week we take a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, presumed to be extinct for nearly 80 years before it was discovered on Ball's Pyramid near Lord Howe Island. Find out how the breeding program at Melbourne Zoo is helping to secure a bright future for this species. 

Beyond Mega Zoo - The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect


Episode two: Mountain Pygmy-possum

Find out what makes this tiny alpine possum so special! From climate-controlled containers to 'bogong bikkies', there is so much work being done together with our partners to ensure this precious species has a bright future. 

Beyond Mega Zoo - Mountain Pygmy-possum
Episode three: Eastern Barred Bandicoot

What's a marsupial that is nocturnal, has stripes, and is an excellent gardener? The Critically Endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot was once widespread across the grasslands and woodlands of western Victoria and South Australia. Today, it's listed as extinct in the wild on mainland Australia. Find out how Zoos Victoria and their partners are playing a vital role in the recovery of this species. 

Beyond Mega Zoo - Eastern Barred Bandicoot
Episode four: Helmeted Honeyeater 

Did you know the Helmeted Honeyeater is the Victorian bird emblem and is the only bird species that is endemic to Victoria. The population of critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeaters is very small and vulnerable, with less than 240 individuals remaining in the wild. Find out how the captive breeding program at Healesville Sanctuary is helping to save these little fighters!


Sumatran Tiger laying down and resting in the shade under the trees. Tiger is staring at the camera between two tree trunks.
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