Four children leaning against fence watching three hippos eating hay in their enclosure.

Meet the animals

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Episode 1: Miska's Big Reveal

Miska and her cubs

Spot the elusive Snow Leopard and her three playful cubs at Melbourne Zoo's Lion Gorge. 

Join a guided tour into the wonderful world of carnivores.  


Witness the Vets and Vet nurses at work at The Australian Wildlife Health Centre.

Say hello to the iconic koala at Healesville Sanctuary's Koala Forest, at Australian Bush in Melbourne Zoo,or Werribee Open Range Zoo's Australian Trail. You can also Meet the keepers and the sleepy koalas on a special close-up encounter or guided tour.  

Close up of a female Dingo looking past the camera. It is golden in colour, its ears are up and it has its mouth open. You can see its tongue.
Explore the wonderful world of Australian wildlife at Healesville Sanctuary


Jump aboard the Safari Bus at Werribee Open Range Zoo, to see the The Southern White Rhinoceros roaming the savannah.

Make your visit even more special with a small-group tour or overnight stay

Episode 2: Overcoming Obstacles

Man Jai

Say hello to the Asian Elephants at Melbourne Zoo.

Upgrade your experience with a special guided tour of the trail. 

Ed and Kim

Watch the penguins frolic in the water and waddle on the sand at Melbourne Zoo's amazing Wild Sea precinct. 

Coati looking down from wooden platform.
See animals from all over the world at Melbourne Zoo

Primrose, Tulip and Lotus

The Hippos at Werribee Open Range Zoo love to wallow in their waterhole. Visit them on the African River Trail or get up close with a wild encounter.


Meet the unique Malayan Tapir on Melbourne Zoo's Main Trail.

Episode 3: Malu's Way or the Highway


See the great Sumatran Orang-utan at Melbourne Zoo's Trail of the Elephants

If you want to get closer, book a behind the scenes tour with special access. 


Watch the playful platypus splash through the water at Healesville Sanctuary's Platypus Track, or at Melbourne Zoo's Main Trail.

Giraffe head and long neck close up with blue sky and fluffy clouds in the background. Its mouth is partially open.
Get ready for your African adventure at Werribee Open Range Zoo


Take a seat on the Safari Bus at Werribee Open Range Zoo to see the Endangered Przewalski's Horses. 

If you're keen for a more intimate glimpse, book an Early Morning Safari Experience. 

Episode 4: What To Do When Expecting

Godric and Elyse

See the cute, but fierce, Tasmanian Devils at Healseville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo

Get more out of your visit to the Sanctuary with a VIP tour. 

Lwazi and Ato

See the kings of the jungle at Melbourne Zoo's Lion Gorge, or visit the lion pride at Werribee Open Range Zoo, where you can also do a special Lion Encounter. 

Kanzi, Yuska, Kimya and Otana

The Western Lowland Gorilla family at Melbourne Zoo could entertain you for hours! Visit them at the Gorilla Rainforest, or on a guided tour. 

Paula and Odie

Catch the whole gang of Asian Small-clawed Otters on Melbourne Zoo's Trail of the Elephants.

Can't get enough of these little guys? Book a Close-up Encounter. 

Episode 5: Saving Daisy


Venture to the Australian Bush precinct at Melbourne Zoo to see the wonderful Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

If you want a little extra, take an early morning tour before the zoo opens. 


Meet Melbourne Zoo's newest giraffe along the Main Trail. You can also see giraffes out on the savannah at Werribee Open Range Zoo

If you want to get closer, book an encounter! 


Catch these little critters on the African River Trail at Werribee Open Range Zoo and at Growing Wild at Melbourne Zoo

Have some fun meeting the meerkats of Werribee Open Range Zoo with a special animal experience.