Become a Fighting Extinction School by completing a curriculum-linked project with your students and sharing with Zoos Victoria online.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, or already have a project in mind, we are here to support you and your students to act for wildlife. You can build curriculum linked lessons with our easy to use project resources including;

  • project ideas linked to school excursions
  • teaching resources to support your understanding of animals
  • teacher professional development to grow your knowledge, teaching skills and confidence
  • real school teaching examples to get ideas for your project
  • templates to start your project

If you are not sure where to start, or just want some extra assistance join us for a Build a Project teacher professional development day. We will help you connect all the dots and develop a project that will keep your students engaged and motivated to learn about the wildlife around them.

Once you complete your project, share your learning story with us online to become a Fighting Extinction School.

How to build your project

There are many ways to build a project.

Watch this video then click on Project Ideas to get started. 


Based on real Zoos Victoria Community Conservation Campaigns, these Toolkits will help you and your students understand how to build your own campaign to create positive change for wildlife.

Design solutions for animals at Zoos Victoria by taking part in Zoos Victoria’s online STEM Design Challenge.

Real School Examples

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School

The students took part in a student-directed inquiry unit to raise awareness and funds for the Swift Parrot through colouring competitions, fun runs and dress up days.

Teaching resources used: 

Kolbe Catholic College

This student led inquiry unit used a STEM design process to design animal enrichment for animals at Zoos Victoria.

Teaching resources used:

The Grange P-12 College

Students developed video games for younger students to raise awareness of endangered animals.

Teaching resources used: 

For more examples of real schools acting for wildlife visit our Fighting Extinction Schools showcase below.


These templates can be used to help structure your project.

Build a project template

Build a campaign template - Primary

Build a campaign template - Secondary