A smiling man and five students holding plush orang-utans in front of a sign that say I want to save orang-utans. Five are wearing orange Don't Palm Us Off campaign T shirts..

Fighting Extinction Schools

Fighting Extinction Schools is a powerful program that connects your curriculum to real-life learning.

It gives students the opportunity to investigate conservation issues and contribute to wildlife protection. Students will coordinate a Zoos Victoria community project or choose other activities that focus on caring for animals.

Zoos Victoria is working hard to save endangered wildlife locally and around the word. Programs such as Fighting Extinction Schools help us in our efforts and inspire students to make a difference.

Below is a free collection of teaching resources, as well as stories and ideas from the Fighting Extinction Schools community.

Free Student Web Conferences

Talk to our knowledgeable Zoo educators in our free student web conferences.

School showcase

Read inspiring stories about schools joining the fight, and get some ideas about what your school can do. 

Help your students run their projects

Select and order a pack of posters and other materials today.

Each Community Conservation Project Pack supports real-world learning in the classroom, while offering the opportunity to engage in Fighting Extinction in a way that best suits teacher’s needs.

Packs are designed to directly support Zoos Victoria’s conservation initiatives, or as a framework for the creation of initiatives that are most relevant to your students’ passion and/or region.

Available for Victorian early learning services, primary schools and secondary schools. 

Community projects

Help your students to apply their learning in a meaningful way by participating in Zoos Victoria projects. See our teaching resources below. 

Seal the Loop primary and secondary teaching resources. 

When Balloons Fly, Seabirds Die teaching resource.

Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife teaching resource.