Fighting Extinction Schools community

The Fighting Extinction Schools program provides teachers with the support that they need to build their own curriculum-linked wildlife conservation projects with their students.

These teachers take advantage of an extensive range of excursions, teaching resources, and professional development to help design their projects. Fighting Extinction Schools also get access to platforms to celebrate their student’s work with a wider audience and receive authentic feedback from Zoos Victoria’s expert staff.

How to become a Fighting Extinction School

When you share the actions that your students have taken for animals on our online platform, you become a Fighting Extinction School. Big or small, we love to see what you and your students are doing.

We know that creating a curriculum-linked wildlife conservation project is not a simple task. For this reason, we offer a range of support to become a Fighting Extinction School.  

Share your story and celebrate your students

The Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase is your chance to celebrate your students' projects and the contributions they have made to wildlife. Give purpose to your students’ development with an authentic audience of Zoo staff, teachers, and students from other schools.  

Get inspired 

See the Fighting Extinction Schools community and explore what they have been doing with their learning and wildlife conservation projects.  

Explore the Showcase to see what previous schools have done