Australian Wildlife Health Centre Tour


$45.00 per adult (excludes zoo entry)

$30.00 per child (excludes zoo entry)

$40.50 per Zoo Member adult

$27.00 per Zoo Member child


Daily at 10.45am


60 minutes


Max. 10 people


All participants require a paid ticket

The ratio is 1 adult: 2 children

All children must be comfortable in the presence of animals

Accessibility - If you have any accessibility requirements, please contact our customer engagement team

Allergens - If you have any allergies, please contact our customer engagement team

Fitted face masks are optional. 

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Go behind the scenes of the famous Australian Wildlife Health Centre.

Everything has an origin story, including our Australian Wildlife Health Centre.

Accompany your tour ranger behind the scenes to discover how wildlife care has evolved. From one small building to a vast complex of animal care facilities, including the new Raptor Rehabilitation Centre, you will explore how the advances in medical science and animal welfare has enabled us to care for our unique Australian wildlife.

When you purchase an animal experience, you are directly contributing to Zoos Victoria's work to fight wildlife extinction.

Zoo entry not included. Be sure to also book your entry tickets for the same date as your encounter.