Side view of a brown platypus swimming through the water.

Platypus Discovery


$349.00 per person (excludes zoo entry)

$314.00 member per person


Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm (duration approx. 30 mins)


Minimum age to participate is 12 years

Limited to 2 people

Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult with one adult to two children ratio

Children must be comfortable in the presence of animals

This experience involves climbing a short ladder. If you require assistance, please contact our customer engagement team on to discuss your requirements

Allergens - If you have any allergies, please contact our customer engagement team

Fitted face masks are optional

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Enter the world of the cryptic Platypus in this awe-inspiring experience.

Strap on waders and follow a Platypus expert into the Sanctuary’s World of Platypus and immerse yourself in their habitat.

As your eyes adjust to the dim-lit setting, ideal for this mostly nocturnal animal, feel the cool temperature of the environment, and hear the water stream trickle in the distance.

Although unfamiliar for many people, this is a world where Platypus senses thrive.

You will work with a Platypus expert to offer a sprinkle of food in the water to see if the Platypus chooses to forage and explore around you.

This awe-inspiring experience allows time to discover all  about this incredible native species by observing its natural behaviours. Learn more from the specialists who care for the cryptic monotreme and the work being done to protect the species across Victoria.

Note: The Platypus has complete choice and control at all times during this experience.

In partnership with Melbourne Water