Birds activities

Foster your child’s love of wildlife through connection with the wonders of their natural world. Learn about animal families, through story telling, craft and play. 


Kate reads us her story about Obie, the Orange bellied parrot, what other birds can we see in this story? Can you see any birds out your window?

Nature play

Learn more about your local wild areas through playing in nature. You can also enjoy nature play at Melbourne Zoo.  

Create your own bird instructions:

• Cut out the bird head drawings or draw your own, then go searching in nature to find some materials, leaves, grasses, flowers, then create the body of the bird!

• Birds have feathers in so many different colours, see how many
different colours of leaves and flowers you can find.

• Will you make a camouflaged bird that blends in with the surroundings, or a bright one that wants to stand



Satin Bowerbirds create a Bower using blue objects they find, can you make one too?