Keeper talks

Learn about our awesome animals from the people who know and love them best — their keepers!

Every day, you can hear our keepers talk about the animals they care for and the Zoo's important conservation work.

Why not check the times we’ll be talking about your favourite animal and make it part of your visit?

Keeper talks
Koalas 10:30 am
Giant Tortoises 10:40 am
Baboons 11:00 am
Elephants 11:00 am
Giraffe 11:30 am
Seals 11:30 am
Orang-utans 12:00 pm
Gorillas 12:30 pm
Lions 12:30 pm
Meerkats 01:00 pm
Elephants 02:00 pm
Tigers 03:20 pm
Penguins 03:45 pm