Giraffe walking next to a safari bus on the Savannah. Giraffe is looking up and visitors watch from the bus in the background.

Free Safari bus

A visit to our Zoo isn’t complete without a safari through the savannah!

Once on board you will be transported through arid landscapes and savannah grasslands to explore the open plains and learn about some of the world’s most endangered species.

From the Critically Endangered Asian Wild Horse to majestic giraffe traversing the iconic savannah, the 40 minute Safari Tour is one of the Zoo’s most popular experiences.

The tour includes live commentary from a Safari Guide as you move through the grasslands of Asia, North America and Africa, spotting bison, antelope, rhino, zebra and ostrich and you'll also learn more about the work of communities in Northern Kenya to help protect wildlife through the Beads for Wildlife program.

Included free in your admission price when booking a day session only - not currently available during late sessions. Our safari tour is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages.

Daily bus schedule
Junior Safari Bus for kids aged 0-6 (weekdays outside of school holidays and public holidays only)

Note: Times may be subject to change. Buses run more frequently on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Confirm with staff when you arrive on the day.

Child looking out safari bus window
Junior Safari Bus - bookings not required

The popular Junior Safari runs weekdays outside of school holidays at 10am. Join us for a relaxed child-friendly safari adventure with music and fun to keep even the youngest zoo keepers entertained.

Time: weekdays at 10am outside of school holidays and public holidays
Cost: free
Age: 0-6 years (plus supervising adult)
Capacity: limited to 142 people per day
How to book: bookings are not required or available. Please just arrive early and let the staff at the gate know you'd like to go on the Junior Safari Bus