Early Morning Savannah Experience

Duration: 2 Hours

Minimum age: 16 Years


8.15am - 10.15am Saturdays and Tuesdays


$190.00 per person (excludes general admission)

$172.00 Zoo Member


Light morning tea with tea and coffee

Group size

Max. 6 people


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Have you ever wondered what goes on at the Zoo before it opens?

Join us for an intimate morning tour with our Keepers as you get an exclusive glimpse into the lives of the amazing animals of the Savannah.

Follow one of our Keeping teams on their morning round where you will get to help out with food prep, watch a training session, and more.

After some of the morning duties, you'll head out to set up the Lower Savannah, then enjoy a morning tea break to watch the animals start their day.

Life on the Savannah can be quite dynamic, so expect the unexpected in this exclusive small-group experience.